Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile arthritis is a heterogeneous group of inflammatory disorders, Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, meaning that the joints get swollen, warm, and painful. The most prevalent form of juvenile arthritis is juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) (also known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, or JRA). It is very different from adult rheumatoid arthritis.


• Painful, swollen or stiff joint(s)
• Joint(s) that are warm to touch
• Increased tiredness
• A fever that keeps returning
• A limp but no injury


In many cases, JIA is treated with a combination of medication, physical therapy, and exercise.
The goals of treatment are to relieve pain and inflammation, slow down or prevent the destruction of joints, and restore use and function of the joints to promote optimal growth, physical activity, and social and emotional development.

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